Info about Warsangeli, Somalia.

Tribal Networks’ Projects in Warsangeli-Land September 7, 2008

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Warsangeli Sultanate (Sultanate of Northern Somalia) see:

The Warsangeli Sultante is located in Northern Somalia. It was once one of the largest Sultanates of all times in Somalia, and, at the height of its power, it included the Sanaag region, parts of North East of Bari region. It was established by a tribe of Warsangeli in North of Somalia and ruled by the descendants of the Garaad Dhidhin.

Tribal Networks had a message from Prof. Julian Bauer, asking if we could help Dr. Ahmed Hersi from the Wasangeli people in Somalia:

“A former Somali student of mine, who lives and works in the moment in London is involved in the rehabilitation of his homeland, which is located in Northern Somalia. The Warsangeli People (a separate clan of Somalis) have kept their region mostly peaceful throughout all the last 20 years of war, civil strife and turmoil in the rest of Somalia. Tribal Networks could do wonderful work in co-operation with ECOTERRA Intl.

One of Tribal Networks first contributions is this blog, where all people, who like to improve the situation in Warsangeli Land can come together to exchange ideas and join minds, hearts and hands in order to implement the change for a better future of the Warsangeli people.